Who is Rikatec?

Rikatec is a technology company that specialises in information management systems, digital solutions, big data and advanced analytics. Rikatec’s core value proposition is vehicle information management systems, end-to-end software development, big data driven business intelligence solutions, database management and reporting.

Rikatec’s full stack development experts have diverse experience in development of end-to-end software solutions such as: application development both mobile and web applications, data warehousing, big data and machine learning algorithms, elearning and e-commerce platforms, database management with reporting and vehicle asset management solutions.

Rikatec uses big data and machine learning to create systems and unique tailor-made solutions for vehicle predictive maintenance, breakdown detections and predictions. Rikatec's analytics and algorithms are also used to calculate vehicle wear & tear for warranties and the estimation of vehicle resale values. Through Rikatec's data and analytics, driver profiles and ratings can be created, as well as tracking and routemapping.

The information management systems for vehicles objective is to enhance and enable proactive vehicle communication with industry players creating an inclusive ecosystem involving: maintenance, insurance, financiers, fleet management and warranties. Rikatec's objective is to enhance the operations and usage of the vehicle by developing products and services that aim to reduce vehicle owners running costs and fleet companies’ operational costs.

Rikatec’s digital and analytics solutions target businesses whose needs and work streams are not met by existing software solutions that are already in the market. We tailor make every solution for our clients to meet critical business needs using technologies that are scalable, cost saving, efficient and effective.

Board of Directors

Tiyani Rikhotso


Rivoningo Mhlari

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jesse Matheri

Co-founder Chief Operating Officer

Tyrone Moodley

Non-executive Director

Renner Alberts

Non-executive Director

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2 Bruton Road, Bryanston, Johannesburg

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011 886 1737

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